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Air Plant Care

 Air Plant Care
Once you receive your air plants they'll be thirsty so you'll need to give them a big drink. Simply submerge them in a bowl of water for about 30 minutes and then gently shake off any extra water.  Make sure they are placed in an area with bright light and a bit of air movement so they'll dry off too.

Air plants receive all of their water and nutrients through the scales on their leaves. It's ok to trim their roots because they're only used for anchoring the plant..

Growing temperature
Air plants can grow between 34 and 110 degrees! However, 50- 90 is the best range for these plants to thrive in.

 Water & Light
Air plants like light, however they can't handle direct sunlight for very long. The best is bright filtered light or growing within 6 feet of a window. They will also do well under a porch or under a tree.

 Watering Schedule
You can simply set them in a bowl of water every 2-3 days for 30 minutes or so...no need to worry about being exact on the time, an hour or two is ok also.  Just don't let the flowers/blooms be submerged for very long, the flowers need to be rinsed. If your tillandsias (air plants) are getting a lot of sun and it's dry in your house then you can mist them once every day or two as you see fit in addition to their 2-3 times watering schedule. You can water the plants every other day for a couple weeks and then back off to every 2-3 days and see how they react.  Some air plants won't require as much water as others and it depends on the environment they're in.

 Make sure your air plants are 100% dry within 4 hours after watering them. They do not like standing water and moisture, in fact they can die if they're left in standing water.  **If the leaves start to "tube" (close) it is a sign of dehydration and they need water! It's hard to over water your air plants.

Is Spray Misting Enough Water?
If you spray them down until their dripping wet can be enough water for some air plants. Each plant is a bit different and most will need a simple rinse or water dunk about two to three times per week.

Can I use any type of water?
These fancy air plants do like chlorine free water and it's best to use drinking water, rain water or pond water.

How to Trim Your Air Plants


Glass Globe Containers
If your air plants live in glass globes or other air plant containers make sure they're almost dry before you place them back in their home. Keep in mind the air plants need to be 100% dry within 4 hours of watering them as they don't like standing water.

You don't have to fertilize your air plants. However if you want to ramp up their reproduction then you can use Bromeliad fertilizer a maximum of once per month during spring, summer and falll. It's best to avoid regular fertilizers like Miracle Grow, but they can be used in a diluted amounts.

Air Plant Containers
You can mount your air plants anywhere! Just keep in mind that you'll need to water them by a heavy spray, a long rinse or submersion once or twice per week.  You can glue the plants to things with water proof glue like a cool glue gun or the E6000 glue.  Another mounting option is to use fishing line or non-copper wire (air plants don't like copper).

Air Plant Babies

What is the average life of an air-plant?
Most air plants will live for many years, and after they flower they will multiply, from 1-8 pups, which grow on the side of the mother, and can be separated when they are at least half the size of the mother. To separate plants gently pull them apart. If a few roots stick, then you can cut the roots. The more light and the more water that you give an air plant, the more pups they will give.